The Curzútt-San Barnàrd Foundation, and in particular the late lamented President Carlo Bertinelli, were strongly in favour of creating an association for developing new initiatives and further improving the appeal of the local area. In addition to this, our aim was also to involve an increasingly wide range of people from the entire Bellinzona area in future projects, given that Curzútt is an undeniable asset for each and every inhabitant of the city.

The association Amici di Curzútt was founded on 7 November 2018 for this very reason.


How can I become a Friend of Curzútt?

You can contact a member of the committee directly, get in touch via social media, or just send your name and a payment of CHF 30 to Associazione Amici di Curzútt, Raiffeisen Bank (Camoghè branch), via payment slip or by bank transfer to IBAN CH39 8080 8005 8716 2522 7.


President | Ileana Rapetti
Vice president | Monica Calastri
Secretary/Treasurer | Ivan Ambrosini 
Member | Renzo Ambrosetti 
Member | Roberto Benaglia 
Member | Isotta Bertinelli 
Member | Marco Nobile


Associazione Amici di Curzútt
c/o Ostello Curzútt
I Fracc 1
6513 Monte Carasso