One of the aims of the foundation is to raise awareness of our local history and further improve knowledge of the area, particularly among young people.

This is why we decided to give priority to schools. The available spaces and facilities can accommodate overnight trips to Curzútt.

Educational materials

This section is dedicated to educational materials available to download (in Italian).

These materials were put together by Natalino Morisoli and other authors. With this initiative we hope to spread awareness and information about the upper hillside of Monte Carasso.


You can request these materials in other formats (.ppt or .doc) by contacting the Infopoint at

Journey to the centre of the forest

This project was created by a local teacher, Franca Caiocca Demarchi, and the children of Scuola dell’Infanzia di Bellinzona Nord.

The aim is to get children involved in a range of educational and recreational activities in the forest of Curzútt.

Below is a short trailer from 2007 by Franco Demarchi. We invite you to step into our enchanting world...