The Curzútt-San Barnárd Foundation was created in 1998 with a view to breathing new life into a place that embodies the origins of Monte Carasso.

Our projects are developed thanks to the support of numerous volunteers and various municipal, cantonal and federal associations and organisations.

The foundation owes various experts a debt of gratitude for the projects carried out to date. We give special thanks to engineer Augusto Filippini for building Carasc Tibetan Bridge, and architects Giacomo Guidotti, Riccarda Guidotti and Luigi Snozzi, as well as Stefano Rossini, for their involvement in the youth hostel project.

The spirit with which everyone has approached their work is that of putting the area well and truly on the map, especially for new generations, in the hope of creating a better future by understanding the past.


President | Tiziano Pedrazzoli
Vice president | Stefano Guidotti
Treasurer | Jacopo Dandrea
Secretary | Cesiro Guidotti
Member | Flavio Guidotti
Member |Isotta Bertinelli
Member | Mattia Manzocchi
Member | Riccardo Calastri

Honorary president

Carlo Bertinelli

Honorary members

Augusto Filippini
Bialek Don Janusz
Christa Rigozzi
Diego Giovanoli
Elena e Hans Danioth
Marcello Bernardi
Marco Rapetti


Below is the latest version of the statutes of 02.04.1998 in PDF format, revised as of 14.01.2020.