The Forest

Since the harvesting of the Ticino chestnut trees long ago ceased to be a feasible economic activity, the chestnut forests have suffered a progressive deterioration.

That being the case, it would be irrational to propose the reconstruction of the ecosystem that existed many years ago. In many cases, the forest has undergone a spontaneous evolution.

The resulting new growth is particularly important because new species suitable to this habitat can give us important information about the evolution of the forests ecosystem. In consultation with the Cantonal forestry service, the foundation is working on this part of the forest, and it is concentrating its efforts on the restoration of over 100,000 square meters of forestland for grazing purposes. In this sector, the forest is being cleared in order to allow more interesting plants to grow and produce fruit.

The aged trees are being correctly and carefully pruned. The work of the foresters as such that some of the trees actually assume the form of sculptures.

The reclaimed forests will also allow for a more rational harvest of the remaining chestnut trees. The chestnuts will eventually be brought to a plant for processing.

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