Social outings recreation

For some mysterious reason, when a human being finds himself in a pleasant natural setting he becomes more open to his fellow human beings.

In the frenetic pace of urban life, people find it difficult to greet one another even when they know each other. In a natural setting, it becomes a pleasure to converse, even with strangers.


Children relish the pleasure of a simple game: all it takes is a small hut, some pieces of wood found in the forest, direct contact with the animal world, and their fervid imagination allows them to spend wonderful days in communication with nature.


Therefore, the completition of the mountain refuge at Curzútt is primarily directed towards today's youth who these days rarely can enjoy the rustic pleasures that are pleasant memories for many Swiss-Italian adults. In addition, the foundation is promoting the reclamation of ancient loot trails and creation of new ones, both for instructional and recreational purposes.


Most part of these trails will be reserved for schools and organized groups. Moreover, the foundation hopes to work with these groups in order to properly manage the forest and pasturelands.

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