Nature and Landscape

Like the largest part of the Ticino territory, but in a smaller dimension, our mountains have a lot forestland and many natural areas.

If we manage these resources in a caring and harmonious way, we will preserve the infinite richness of this area. The natural evolution of the forestland in the last decades has not managed to destroy the centuries-old works of the human which were devoted to make this land an hospitable place in which to live, and to produce the goods that were fundamental to its survival.

The biological and climatic conditions of this area favored the development of a community (until 1700, this community had more than 700 residents in various small hamlets) living in a harmonious relationship with the land and nature.

Our efforts are aimed at preserving the natural aspects of the forest, pasture lands and the vestiges of human activity which are rich in history and tradition.

By carefully combining all these elements, we will achieve a greater sensitivity for the unique attributes of this area. Our goal is to contribute to a culture leading to a greater respect for the land and its natural beauty.

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