This area is extremely poor in water resources since the geology of the mountain as such that spring water is diverted into the Sementina Valley.

The foundation has already completed a tubular watering system above 700 meters that cuts across the whole mountain and which has become an important barrier against forest fires.

The terminal point of this aqueduct is able to serve the highest part of the vineyards of Monte Carasso. These vineyards are also a fire risk due to the scarcity of water resources in this area. In addition, the foundation has completed the electrification of the high hills of Monte Carasso.

This has allowed nighttime illumination of the San Barnàrd church. In order to reduce the necessity for polluting sources such as gas generators, the electrical current is made available to mountain chalets and to secondary residences for their basic needs: (heating is not included since much available wood is found in the area).

Moreover, in order to avoid the construction of ugly access roads, the foundation has completed the intermediary stop for Monte Carasso-Mornera cableway.

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