The hostel is located in the settlement of Curzútt, above Monte Carasso (400m over the valley floor), only 2.5km from Bellinzona (Ticino, Switzerland). The Hostel of Curzutt is accessible by a cableway that function automatically at 8am until 9pm uphill. Downwards instead is accessible 24h/24h. The Cableway is managed from the Infopoint in Monte Carasso, for information and reservation of the cableway: info@curzutt.ch // 0041 91 835 57 24.


There’s a possibility to take surcharge a parking space from the cableway or click here


The presence of a cultural historic attractions and artistic place is the site of educational visits of a rich landscape that consists a particularity for school organization of weeks of studies.


Even if it’s hidden place, the Hostel is either near the urban area of Bellinzona that offers a lot of possible culture, leisure and recreation. A place with unique landscapes that is interesting for schools and groups of visitors.


There are 56 places available in total, divided into 4 rooms with 8 sleeping places and another 4 rooms with 6 sleeping places, every rooms with their own separate entrance with private bath and shower rooms.


There are 2 conference rooms: one available for about 50 persons and one meeting room for about 15 person’s accommodation.


There is also a restaurant (recommended only reservation)


The Hostel is managed by


For information and reservations:


Restaurant Hostel Curzútt

tel.  +41 91 835 57 23

fax  +41 91 835 57 29

E-mail  curzutt@gastrosos.ch

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