History, architecture and monuments

The Church of San Barnard, at an altitude of 600 mamsl, is part of a group of ancient monuments located in Monte Carasso that are of unique national importance (category A) to the Bellinzona area.

Far from the main highway and reachable only by cable car or by foot, this important monument is not well known and rarely visited, especially by the Swiss-Italians.

Surrounding this church (whose frescoes are still discreetly conserved after the 1970's restorations) are the ancient hamlets where residents of Monte Carasso lived until 1700.

In fact, a governmental decree attests to its historical value, the Council of States (upper house of the Swiss parliament) has classified this village as a work of special attention, and the Monte Carasso town plan has as aim the enactment of regulations directed towards the preservation of this hamlet.

The foundation plans to create an archeological zone in the hamlet of Puncete, an area that time has almost completely destroyed. The foundation also plans to restore the trails connecting the various hamlets that are part of the registry of historical roads and trials of regional importance.

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