Thanks to the dedication of a few professional farmers and local inhabitants, some agricultural activities are still surviving. At the beginning of the summer, the shepherd who lives in the pasturelands of Piemoritt brings his animals up to the lower part of the mountain at Mornera.

In summer, the upper part of the mountain at Albagno is still used for the grazing of sheeps, young goats and young cattles. The cheese of Mornera, produced by around thirty milk cows, has always sold well at the local market. However, this activity is at risk because of the degrade of pastureland.

At the moment, the village government of Monte Carasso is in the process of revising the land use plan so that the territorial activities outside the building zone are clearly defined to achieve a rational use of the land. With the preservation of a vast area of forestland for grazing, the foundation wants to guarantee a suitable presence of agricultural activities in the mountains above Monte Carasso.

In the Curzútt area, the foundation, in collaboration with local agricultural associations and winemakers, wants to reconstruct a vineyard for the production of chemical-free wine.

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